Who is Tim Hullihan?

Tim Hullihan is a Florida licensed architect whose diverse background combines knowledge of philosophy, history, engineering, art and the natural world into his architectural practice.  A third generation native of Palm Beach County, Florida, his practice is located in North Palm Beach and has provided architectural services to governmental and private clients throughout South Florida since 1989.

Tim’s email address and more information about his architectural practice can be found at his main website, http://www.timhullihan.com.

This blog, however, was created because Mr. Hullihan also enjoys being a freelance writer. It is not always about about architecture and urban planning, and is intended to share this side interest with his friends, family and like-minded people, and speaks to a broad range of topics. From Pete Rose to Euthanasia, and the overreach of governmental unilateralism, Mr. Hullihan’s choice of topics is as diverse as the influences on his architectural practice.

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4 Responses to Who is Tim Hullihan?

  1. Harriet Janensch says:

    Excellent article….keep pressing the newspaper for this to be published. We must vote these officials out of office.
    Moved here in ’13 after 32 years in Vero because of the pretty small town walking city.
    Had to fight a developer in the Moorings in Vero in ’95. Results — 452 people bought the land — resold it to a developer who followed their instructions but we had to absorb 2 million dollars. We saved the Barrier Island from an ugly discordant shopping center only the Commissioners wanted.
    Fighting for Thoughtful Planning seems to be a way of life in Florida.

    • timhullihan says:

      …especially now that there is essential no oversight at the State level. Most elected officials have little training in architecture or urban planning, but must make enormously important development decisions. How else does Jupiter get Harborside with its must important corner in terms of street presence being a multi-story parking garage.

      Thank you for your reply.

  2. Susan says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said, Tim, and I’m so glad we have such a knowledgable, interested person as yourself trying to make a difference. Thank you.

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