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One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward

By Timothy Hullihan Taking one step forward and two steps backward is the same as moving backward.  Even though the steps forward are publicized as progressive and the steps backward swept under the rug, the reality is still the same.  … Continue reading

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A Spoon Full of Humility

By Timothy Hullihan Humility and architecture are unlikely partners.  We general accept the architecture of today as being grand and boastful; more about itself than the community in which it will reside or the people that will see and use … Continue reading

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AAF’s Ft. Lauderdale Station Design Revealed: WPB Needs to Demand More

Well, the wait is over.  Fort Lauderdale’s high-speed transit terminal design was revealed today.  If it is any indication of what West Palm Beach can expect, I’ll need to be put into a trance before someone can explain to me, … Continue reading

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Parking Garages are Ugly: Pay Attention to Where They Land

Possibly the most significant similarity between Jupiter’s Harbourside development and the PGA Waterfront project proposed for the Panama Hattie’s site is not what you might think.  Yes, these two projects have the same developer and land planner.  Yes, these two … Continue reading

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