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New Urbanism 101

City Planners of the past understood many things that New Urbanists are trying to reteach us today.  For close to 35 years now, New Urbanists have helped numerous cities and towns bring back the charm and comfort to neighborhoods and … Continue reading

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Children’s Services Council of PBC Needs Our Votes

Reducing the size of government while maintaining proven programs that protect children are goals shared by a majority of Americans.  How that actually gets done, however, is the fodder for endless debate.  Forced cuts to government spending can lead to … Continue reading

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Will Doctors Make House Calls Again?

Today, I invite you to read Mindy Fain’s recent piece for the LA Times. The hypothetical elderly couple she uses to portray the structure of the present healthcare system for the elderly is similar to my experience.  In my … Continue reading

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All Aboard Florida Has No Interest in a Public Design Process

The following article was written for, and published by, the Palm Beach Post in November, 2012.  Eighteen months ago I was hopeful that there was enough time to plan the transit station in West Palm Beach with minimal impact to … Continue reading

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